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Please read details found on the next pages before you download and install your copy of PrintKey-Pro. Right click on this link and select 'Add to Favorites' to easily return to the site and view updates. Thank you for visiting WareCentral.

The WareCentral Team

A PrintKey-Pro DOWNLOAD is a 30-day FULL-FEATURE trial version that may be used for evaluation purposes. After downloading and installing the PrintKey-Pro program in a computer you may order and register at any time, including after the 30-day trial period has expired. If the trial period has expired, DO NOT INSTALL a second copy as this may cause error messages. You will only need to order and complete the registration process, which will include entering your registration name and matching keycode into the PrintKey-Pro Register in your computer.

For additional registration instructions see Registration in this web page.

To place an ORDER click here.

PrintKey-Pro can be used with Windows 7, WinXP, Windows® 2000, Win2003,Vista and will also work with Dos windows.

PrintKey-Pro will not function with full screen Dos.

Since Compaq® Laptops or Desktops use the Print Screen key for other internal purposes, another key must be used to capture the Active or Desktop window. The 'Pause' Key or a combination with Ctrl+Pause may be entered in the PrintKey-Pro HotKey Menu to resolve this problem.

Service Pack 2 is required with Windows® 2000. Please use the following link to download and install a Service Pack.

Before downloading PrintKey-Pro v1.05, please read the following:

If you have PrintKey-Pro v1.00, v1.01, v1.02, v1.03, or v1.04 installed in a computer, you must uninstall those versions before installing PrintKey-Pro v1.05.

A DOWNLOAD of a minor upgrade of PrintKey-Pro may be installed without any additional fee to a registered licensee. All older 'PrintKey' versions are unregistered copies and users are therefore excluded from the free minor upgrade benefit. To check your current computer program listing, go to Start, go to Programs, and follow the arrows to look for PrintKey or PrintKey-Pro. To find which version of PrintKey-Pro is installed in a computer, click on Help in the PrintKey-Pro toolbar, then click on About.

To UNINSTALL v1.04 and older versions of PrintKey, right click on the PrintKey-Pro icon printkey, screen capture, printscreen in the lower right of your screen then click on Terminate PrintKey-Pro. Go to Start, go to Programs, follow the arrow to your program listing, go to PrintKey-Pro and click 'Uninstall PrintKey-Pro'.

PrintKey programs can also be uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs in the 'Control Panel' Windows® folder. Go to Windows Start, Settings, Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs.

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